Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Service Jackson, Mississippi

Professional Cleaning at affordable prices

Professional Cleaning at affordable prices

We believe that a clean work environment is the cornerstone of any productive, successful business venture. Elite business happens in elite work spaces. Proanex is committed to holding your commercial property to an elite standard of cleanliness that will allow you, your staff and your clients the best possible environment for achieving success.

Services that fit your needs

Whether you need a top-to-bottomz office building—or series of buildings—on a nightly basis, or have specific, special cleanup needs that require unique assessment, equipment or abilities, Proanex is your answer. We offer building cleaning, restroom services, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bio-hazardous and other dirty cleanup and janitorial services.

Quality + Assurance

At Proanex, our impeccable standards of cleanliness for your work space match our standards in professional development. Our team is made up of highly qualified, committed technicians in the business, with extensive training in a range of commercial cleaning services. We are a fully licensed and insured company.

Cost effective & Scheduled Cleaning

Your commercial cleaning needs are our priority. As a business owner, you know that your professional image in the eyes of your work force and clients is on the line every day you open your doors for business. We understand this as well. That is why we take our responsibility as caretakers of your work space’s cleanliness seriously. Contact us to learn more about how the services offered by Proanex can benefit your commercial work space.

Proanex Team at Work

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