Janitorial Services, Food Production Plant Cleanup Jackson, Mississippi

Some jobs are dirty. Those are the jobs that Proanex is happy to step in and take control of for your business or organization. We can safely and efficiently manage the cleanup of bio hazardous spills, accident or tragedy cleanup, animal waste removal, industrial accident cleanup, slaughter house cleanup, and more. Whatever the job, Proanex can handle it.

We’ll do the work that no one else wants to do.

Bio hazardous or “dirty” cleanup services are a specialized area of the cleaning services industry that our team is experienced in managing and executing with care and skill. Do not trust the safety and liability of this level of cleaning project to a service provider without the background of operational expertise and confidence that we possess at Proanex.

Every dirty cleanup project is different, and we have the cleaning specialists on hand that know how to quickly and efficiently assess, plan and implement the action steps needed for any level or scale of special cleaning projects.

We also understand that many dirty cleanup sites happen unexpectedly, or on a timetable that can demand immediate, unforeseen action. The team at Proanex is ready and waiting to respond to the emergency needs that arise at your place of business, or within the scope of your professional services. Contact us to learn more about our dirty cleanup services.