Quality General Maintenance & Cleaning Service Jackson, Mississippi

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The quality of your work space demonstrates the quality of the work produced within it. A clean, well maintained environment not only cuts down on sick time by keeping your staff and customers safe from germs and contaminates—it also shows everyone who interacts within your commercial work space that you are in control and on top of your game.

Let Proanex help your place of business achieve and maintain a clean, orderly professional image that will align with the level of quality that your business stands for. We can meet virtually any office and building cleaning need, including regular thorough cleanings of individual offices, reception areas, break rooms, kitchens, restrooms, warehouses or other commercial spaces.

Full Janitorial Service

General Building Maintenance Cleaning

Proanex can handle all of your building maintenance cleaning.

Our cleaning technicians cover all aspects of janitorial services. Depending on the needs of your office or retail space, we will vacuum, mop, dust furniture, equipment, ceiling fans, scrub sinks, appliances, inside and outside cabinets, and more. Proanex will not leave your site until every surface is gleaming, from floor to ceiling.
The difference we can make in a place of business has been called magic, but the Proanex secret is our highly detailed and efficient job site tracking system. The team assigned to manage the superior cleaning of your commercial property answers to a supervisor that will conduct site visits and ensure that our high standards of quality service are being upheld.

Open Client Communication is a priority

We at Proanex also know how important open communication is in our relationships with our clients. That is why we provide an open and easy system of contact for you or your management team to let our team know when specific needs arise that we can help you address. We are always happy to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our building cleaning services.