Kitchen Cleaning & Degreasing Service in Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi Professional kitchen cleaning & maintenance

Professional kitchen cleaning & maintenance

The Proanex team has the skill and expertise to properly clean and sanitize any commercial kitchen. As any owner of a restaurant or other public kitchen facility knows, the stakes are high when it comes to kitchen cleanliness. A less than stellar health inspection rating can absolutely translate into fewer feet walking through the doors of your business. Fewer feet means fewer dollars, and that’s how businesses fail.

That’s why we at Proanex will put the work in to ensure that the health and safety of your commercial cooking facility is maintained at the highest level possible. Because we understand the high stakes and want your business to succeed. When you succeed, we succeed.

Full Kitchen Cleaning Service

Proanex understands the specific cleaning needs of kitchens and cooking equipment, and will give your cooking facility a thorough assessment to determine how we can best meet your specific needs. For your convenience, your scheduling and unique cleaning needs will guide our approach to the kitchen cleaning plan we develop for your business. Contact us now to learn more about our kitchen cleaning services.