Bathroom & Restroom Cleaning Service Jackson, Madison & Flowood, MS

Restroom cleaning and maintenance

Restroom cleaning and maintenance

Proanex will keep your restrooms sparkling clean and fully sanitized. It is important that your staff and customers see the care and attention that your business puts toward every detail of their interaction with the environment your business offers, including maintaining orderly restrooms. Especially in high traffic commercial building or retail spaces, the appearance and perceived cleanliness of frequented restroom areas can impact your business image in ways that impact your bottom line.

Our professional technicians will provide a regular thorough cleaning of all surfaces, including fixtures, flooring and stalls. These cleanings will always be provided in an efficient, consistent and professional manner. The Proanex team uses some of the highest grade disinfectants in the industry to eliminate odor and potentially harmful germs from your restroom environment. In addition to our thorough cleaning techniques and services, we are also able to provide ongoing oversight of your restroom supply needs. We will ensure that all restroom supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and air freshener are fully stocked for your convenience.

Restroom Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule

We can provide our services on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on your unique scheduling needs. Whether your restroom cleaning needs are big or small, we look forward to talking to you about ways to meet your needs within the budget that works for your business.